Jessica and Arianna, Age 2

Hello, thank you for stopping by to learn more about me! I have always loved photos, but my passion for being behind the camera began after the birth of my daughter, Arianna, also know as the “little bird.” She received this nickname from one of her teachers because her hair was feathery used to stick straight up just like a bird! It’s one of my favorite memories of her and I love looking back of photos of that hair and laughing!

Arianna with her little bird hair

Why photography?

Arianna was growing so fast and I wanted to capture every single moment so that we would always have something to remember this short time in our lives by. As I began to posts photos of her on my social media, friends began to reach out and ask me to photograph their families. Photography went from being a fun way to capture every moment of our lives and fill my walls with memories to a full blown passion. I love being able to offer this very same thing to my clients.

I can’t wait to meet you and create beautiful memories for you and your family. Let me help you tell your story.